A selection of the comments we have received over the years!

My daughter Rachel has entered Miss Teen Earth for the last two years. It's a great experience and the team are very supportive and encouraging. Rachel has really grown in confidence and enjoys the message and ethos of the competition and its focus on protecting the environment. It's a brilliant life experience and I recommend it for all teens.

Miss Earth is the best beauty pageant existing. Miss Earth concerned about the future generations.
I suggest to all aspiring beauty queen to join Miss Earth pageant and experience the undying support from Miss Earth fans, Miss Earth org and the "Earthling's".

The task of the excellent Director is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" girls to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people. That's what my Former UK Director Louise Powell does :) I am so Proud, blessed and fortunate to take part , be there and then win the Teen division.

This will be my third year competing within the Miss Earth UK system and I keep coming back because the competition is fun, friendly and so well organised! There is an incredible atmosphere of support and guidance given throughout the year and especially on finals weekend, Louise works so hard for everyone and it really shows! The environmental focus means so much to the competitors and organisers and that, in my opinion, makes Miss Earth the most worthwhile beauty pageant!

One of the best experiences I have ever had! Every mentor is so encouraging, definitely is building my confidence and could not recommend it enough to any young girl out there!

A competition (that doesn't feel like a competition) with an amazing ethos behind it, filled with heart and excitement. Being part of Miss Earth is genuinely like being part of a family! Your looked at as a whole person, they truly believe that beauty begins on the inside. I would highly recommend any girl that is considering taking part to jump at it, I have made friends for life in my Miss Earth family #everylittlestep

This organisation are so welcoming. I've been involved in the past two nearly three years and never looked back, becoming apart of the Earth family is amazing. The pageant overall is so relaxed and enjoying and don't put no stress on you at all, sign up now!

I would recommend Miss Earth to any girl interested in beauty pageants. I loved entering this pageant not only is it a fun pageant to enter, it focuses on animal and environment protection which both mean a big deal to me. So if you too have a passion for this and want to help educate the public about the issues people are causing I would 100 per cent recommend this pageant. 

Loved it, the atmosphere is really good

Absolutely amazing system that has completely changed my life! Making life long friends from around the world whilst standing together to change climate change is a feeling that is second to none. I urge anyone that is eligible to enter, to do it! You will not regret your decision.  Miss Earth Wales 2016

It's an amazing experience not to be missed! It completely changed how I think (in a good way) and I'm more aware of environmental issues and hope to take part again soon!!

In August 2015 Chelsea entered this pageant as her first Natural pageant having only started doing them in April 2015. I can honestly say it was a fantastic first time experience she really enjoyed herself so much and I know Chelsea was really excited to go back and do it again in May 2016. You meet so many lovely people it all really relaxed and everyone supports each other from Louise to all her staff making every one feel at home and are there for any questions the girls ask, I really would highly recommend this system and I hope in a couple of years time When Chelsea is ready I am sure she will be back to try take that Miss England crown and follow in 2016's Winner Luissa. It really does offer such a different pageant life to any other system. ♥ See you all at the 2017 Finals.

Such an amazing pageant. It has changed my life as Miss Earth England 2016. Being a part of something so close to my heart, environmental protection and animal protection, whilst representing my country abroad in the Philippines has been a dream come true.Thank you Louise for a fabulous final every year. I recommend every girl to enter.

Miss Earth England is/was in Ghana to support the Trash in Bin initiative of Miss Earth Ghana. IT shows that there is sisterhood that is powered by love of nature and the passion to help and make a difference in this EARTH. You all are what this EARTH needs. Keep up the good work ladies- more appropriately Queens....

Im a finalist this year, and I honestly I can't wait! I am so so excited for this journey. I am new to pageants and I feel like I am at home and anything I am unsure of I have had my questions answered very clearly. I would tell anyone to just go for it. I can't wait for the final in July, I can feel it's going to be amazing!! 

Miss Earth UK in my opinion, is a unique Ecological Pageant and for this reason being it is my FAVOURITE!! I have been fortunate to be an ongoing Queen/title holder from 2014-2017. I love all my Earth Sister's (Queens). Miss Earth UK leads onto an experience of a life time! I am honoured to be part of the Miss Earth UK family! Louise Powell has been very supportive over the years which makes her the perfect director. She is always smiling and willing to help everyone... she is Mother Earth

This year I'm one of the Miss Earth Finalist. So far into my journey I've meant some amazing girls. I've never experienced or witnessed a pageant that has so much love and support to give to one another. Although it is a competition at the end of the day, competitiveness isn't a characteristic that our girls have learnt to develop. The competition has only one term to describe it "Sister hood" and I'm so excited to grow and learn more with these amazing people!

The Miss Earth competition is like no other beauty pageant. They have a strong environmental message. They really do care about the girls who are and who have taken part within the competition. Before I joined the Miss Earth family I had a really hard time with confident and believing in myself. They took a person who had a panic disorder and made her a very confident person. Anyone you will meet throughout the competition is genuine, will do anything and everything to help you along the way. It has been one of the best experiences of my life to date. I will continue to support and keep update with this pageant.

Being a former Miss Earth Wales in 2015 I can honestly say that this is the best pageant system I could of ever represented. A chance to make a difference, important environmental message and amazing international experience.

Such a wonderful pageant :) meeting new people and learning more about our environment ... I'm so glad i entered it.

This year, 2017, I am one of the Northern Ireland finalists and I'm so unbelievably excited to participate in this wonderful competition all for a great cause. Everyone I have met has been so exceptionally friendly and supportive and cannot wait to meet all of the girls on Saturday!

Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend. Elle really enjoyed the experience xx

It's been 6 years since I was in your shoes. The best times/experiences of my life. Enjoy and savour every second. Miss Earth England 2009.

Good Luck to all of the wonderful Miss Earth Girls in the international :D ♥ (Miss Earth being one of the worlds most recognised power pageants)

Amazing with the best atmosphere and girls xx

A huge good luck to the beautiful Miss Earth uk girls heading off to the international! You will have amazing time!! Im sooo excited for yous!! Can't believe its been 2 years already since I went out. Its a totally life changing experience and the best thing I've done.  Lots of love Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2012 xxxxxx