Starting today, Tuesday 23rd October 2018 an OFFICIAL ONLINE VOTE commences and will run until 3rd November, 5am UK time.

This is an OFFICIAL VOTE and you can help Abbey & Christie get a guaranteed place in the semi-final top 18 as the “ Online Popularity Eco Media Winner”. The official announcement is on November 3rd at the Mall of Asia Arena.

50% "Online Popularity Winner”

Share the official picture posted of Abbey & Christie from the official Miss Earth social media pages BUT you must have with the following hashtags included when you share:

#MissEarth (Country) 2018


Shares with NO valid hashtags will NOT be counted.

1 Share = 1 Vote

Important; The voting can only take place via the official Miss Earth Facebook & Instagram pages at:https://en-gb.facebook.com/MissEarth https://www.instagram.com/missearth Abbey's picture to share including using the following hashtags #MissEarthEngland2018 #MissEarth2018 is: https://www.facebook.com/MissEarth/photos/a.1963838180367564/1963839877034061/?type=3&theater

Christie's picture to share including using the following hashtags #MissEarthNorthernIreland2018

#MissEarth2018 is: https://www.facebook.com/MissEarth/photos/a.1963838180367564/1963840863700629/?type=3&theater NOTE: To vote via Instagram ( Miss Earth is set as a private account so you must follow to gain access to vote)

The accumulated number of valid Facebook Shares and the number of Instagram Likes, will determine the Online Popularity Score which is 50% of the Eco-Media Competition Scores.

50%; "Eco Media Winner"

50% will be judged by independent judges viewing the work and promotion Abbey and Christie did during the lead up to Miss Earth for beauties for a cause . Anyone who follows the UK social media pages will know the extensive and tireless movements of our girls promoting the cause. This is where we need your help please! Our girls have done everything they can and need the public's help to get the remaining 50% which will only be gained through the public taking their time to press that like and share button.

Thank you for your support to Miss Earth England & Richmond Centre, Miss Earth Northern Ireland 2018, fingers crossed for our girls.

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