Pehrr Ramrakhyani
Miss TEEN Earth 2019 
Chloe Dixon
Miss TEEN Earth 2018 
Rachel Webber
Miss TEEN Earth 2017 
Miss Teen Earth UK 2017 Rachel Webber
Chelsea Rist 
Miss TEEN Earth 2016 
Chelsea Rist Miss TEEN Earth 2016  

Chloe and went on to win at the international to become the runner up of the world title holder
Face Of The World 

Congratulations Chloe

Anjali Sinha
Miss TEEN Earth 2015
Anjali Sinha Miss TEEN Earth UK 2015
Abbey Gyles
Miss TEEN Earth 2014
Abbey Anne Gyles Miss Teen Earth UK 2014
Cleo Fish
Miss TEEN Earth 2013
Cleo Fish Miss Teen Earth UK 2013

Abbey now old enough to compete for Miss Earth and was placed with one of the top titles
Miss Fire UK in 2016 and went on to finally win her dream title and WON 
Miss Earth - England in 2018.

Congratulations Abbey

Amy Nuttall
Miss TEEN Earth 2012
Amy Nuttall Miss Teen Earth UK 2012
Ruby Saphia Bowater
Miss TEEN Earth 2011
Ruby Saphia Bowater Miss Teen Earth UK 2011
 Nicole Jackson
Miss TEEN Earth 2010
Nicole Jackson Miss Tee Earth UK 2010
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